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A new hosting platform for solopreneurs and small businesses – coming soon.

The backstory:     I was introduced to WordPress several years ago by a developer who was building a website for my new business. He said WordPress was great and that he was starting to use it on the majority of his projects. Since then I’ve become an experienced WordPress user and agree – WordPress is great, and the ecosystem and support around WordPress is awesome, but the variety and complexity can be intimidating.

Starting with vs., then if self-hosted, choosing a host, a framework and theme. Moving on to plugins, and site security, speed, and maintenance, it can be a lot. And of course we actually need to be focused on running our businesses and having a life.

The solution:     When I started out I wanted a site for my business that was effective, beautiful, simple to set up and maintain, and that didn’t cost a lot. So that is what we are working on to provide.

Our service is targeted primarily to small businesses and solopreneurs because those businesses are what we know and are who we want most to support. Our service will provide a fully functioning self-hosted website all ready to go. It can also be modified with all of the tools available to a self-hosted WordPress site.

It will include:

  • hosting
  • theme(s)
  • the website will be properly setup with a child theme, and security, speed, and backup features. There will also be an e-commerce option.
  • periodic site maintenance will be performed directly or through user prompts
  • billing will be a simple month-to-month plan, with easy cancellation, and will be around $12/month, with a portion of profits targeted back to the WordPress community and/or related nonprofits.

In total, the site will be set up with everything we know how to do to start and maintain an awesome WordPress website within a reasonable cost structure. We are selecting some of the best WordPress service providers with which to work, and because of discounts, our bundled services will be at the same or at a lower cost than if the services were selected individually. So you basically get us for free.

That’s all for now. We will be up and running soon. Please add your email if you would like to be notified when we begin accepting signups. Thanks.


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